PART I : ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS ( 70 points ) Read the report and answer questions 1-5 . A dEMOCRATIC SChOOl Do you know of a school where students can decide what they will learn each day ? The students and teachers share responsibility for the school . There are no tests , no grades and no special subjects they have to study . Sudbury Valley Democratic School in Framingham , Massachusetts , is this kind of school . At Sudbury , students can choose what they want to do during the day as long as they follow the school rules . No one has to attend classes . Students of different ages study together in small groups , learning everything from carpentry to computers . There is a photography lab , a dance studio , a wood shop , an orchestra and more . There are no tests or grades of any kind . Students and teachers study and work together as a team . Many people believe that students will not study unless they have to . But at Sudbury Valley , the main things that students...  אל הספר