Who was the first detective ? Most people will probably say it was Sherlock Holmes , but he was only a character in a book . The first detective was actually a Frenchman named Eugène François Vidocq . Today , Vidocq isn’t as famous as Sherlock Holmes , but his story is much more interesting and it is true . Born in 1775 , Vidocq was one of seven children . When he was only 14 , he ran away from home and joined the army , but not long after that he ran away again . For the next couple of years , Vidocq was always in trouble . The police arrested him many times , but he always managed to escape . Among the criminals of Paris , Vidocq became known as “ the one who always got away” . As Vidocq got older , he decided to become an honest citizen . In 1809 , Vidocq began to work for the police and became an undercover police detective inside a prison . He was an excellent actor and could pretend to be anyone . Vidocq persuaded the prisoners to tell him their secrets , and then he passed the i...  אל הספר