Have you ever watched a long line of ants moving into a tiny hole in the ground ? If you look closely , you will see something interesting . No matter what obstacles * are in their path , the ants never stop moving in an organized way . That is not true for people . Just think , for example , of a crowd of people leaving a football stadium . They often push or get angry ; sometimes people even get hurt . Professor Martin Burd , a biologist , has been studying ants to learn their secret . He has discovered that their secret is teamwork . Ants often move in large groups . Unlike people , ants never race against each other to get to their destination . They move in long lines . When something stands in their way , the ants go around it , even if it takes longer for them to get to their destination . Moreover , Burd discovered that ants don’t stop . They may move more slowly , but they keep moving in the direction they have to go . Another thing we can learn from ants is that unlike people...  אל הספר