Many people enjoy animated * movies , but very few of us know anything about the people who make them . Our reporter Karen Marshall talked to animator Tony Carr about his work . Karen : 5 How did you become an animator , Tony ? Tony : I have always enjoyed drawing , and when I was in high school , I took some art classes . I thought about going to art school after that , but my parents said it would be difficult for me to make a living as an artist . I studied computer science in college and worked as a computer 10 programmer by myself for a number of years , but I didn’t enjoy it . I decided it was time to do something that I really enjoyed , so I finally went to art school and studied animation . Karen : What are the most important skills an animator should have ? Tony : You need to be able to draw people . That may seem clear to you , but 15 many people think animation is just drawing on the computer . You have to work with a computer , but an animator is an artist , not a computer ...  אל הספר