Are you brave ? Do you like to take risks ? Then maybe you should try out one of these extreme experiences . Here are three of the most exciting and daring tourist attractions in the world . Cage of Death ( Australia ) Would you like to swim with crocodiles ? For $ 150 , try out the Cage of Death . This three-meter plastic cage isn’t for the crocodiles – it’s for you ! Once you have climbed into the cage , your dangerous journey begins . As you travel along , the cage is lowered into the water three times with only four centimeters of plastic separating you from the jaws of these very dangerous creatures . It may be completely safe , but you can see teeth marks on the clear plastic walls ! Iguaçu Boat Ride ( Brazil ) Iguaçu Falls is one of the biggest waterfalls * in the world . It is taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide . Iguaçu Falls is made up of over 275 waterfalls . Most people are content to look at the Falls from dry land , but for the very brave , there are boat rides . ...  אל הספר