Newfoundland dogs are famous for their huge size and great strength . They are loyal to their families and friendly to guests . “ Newfies” , as they are called , rarely bark or attack , but they are very brave and always protect their owners . Instead of attacking a thief , a Newfy will probably trap * him in a corner or put itself between its family and the thief . Newfies were first discovered in the area of Canada called Newfoundland in the 1700 s . Some people believe this breed * was brought to Newfoundland and America by the Vikings around 1000 BCE . Newfies are best known for their work as water rescue dogs . They love the water and are strong swimmers even in icy waters . These brave dogs have rescued many people from drowning . The most famous case was when a Newfy saved the life of Napoleon Bonaparte . The French leader was on a ship when a storm knocked him into the sea . The dog jumped into the water and helped bring Napoleon to safety . Newfies that are used for rescue go ...  אל הספר