The Sky’s the Limit ! Have you heard of rhythmic gymnastics ? It is a relatively new Olympic sport that combines ballet , acrobatics and music . Rhythmic gymnasts also use different props * , such as a ball , a hoop * or a ribbon , in dance movements . This demands a great deal of focus , skill and coordination * . In recent years , this sport has become very popular , and now Israel has a champion of its own : 21-year-old Neta Rivkin . Neta has worked very hard to be the success she is . She practices eight to ten hours a day at the Wingate Institute near Netanya and at Hadar Yosef in Tel Aviv . She began doing gymnastics when she was just six years old . In 2011 , this young athlete won a bronze medal in the individual hoop competition in the World Championships in France . “ I was surprised to win the bronze medal , ” she said , “ but at the same time I believed it was possible . ” Then , in the 2012 Olympics in London , Neta became the first Israeli gymnast to reach the rhythmic gy...  אל הספר