BRIDGE HIGH FORUM Are you the kind of person who is neat and tidy , or are you messy ? Is your desk organized , or are your papers , books and pens all over the place ? Read how some members of the forum answered the question : “ A messy desk – for or against ?” FOR Jake I think being messy saves time . Just think how much time you spend picking things up and putting them away . We put clothes in our closet only to take them out to wear again . It’s much quicker just to keep them in the laundry basket . I prefer playing soccer or painting a picture to cleaning my room and tidying my desk any day . Tim I always thought being messy was a bad thing until I read a newspaper report about researchers who found that when people have a messy desk , they focus and think more clearly . Ann I’m all for a messy desk . I’m not ashamed to be messy . Some of the greatest geniuses of all times were messy : Albert Einstein , Roald Dahl and Alexander Fleming all had messy desks . Alexander Fleming , for...  אל הספר