; gdjcY i ] Z QdgaY gZZc MlZYZh Can you imagine waking up one morning with bright green hair ? Well , that’s what happened to the people of a small town in Sweden . Who or what was to blame ? At first the drinking water was suspected . Water experts investigating the case tested the water for copper * , because they knew that copper can turn hair green . But the amount of metal in the water was normal . They were confused . Then they noticed that the people’s hair usually turned green after taking a hot shower in the morning . So they tested the hot water . They discovered very high levels of copper . The experts then tested the hot water again and found another surprising fact : there were higher levels of copper in new homes than in old . There was a problem with the new pipes . How did the town solve the problem ? People were told to wash their hair in cold water so that their hair would stay its natural color . Or – they could move to an older house !  אל הספר