Health News Today , some people are putting away their sports shoes and running barefoot . Chris McDougall is one of them . In his book Born to Run , he writes about the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico . They can run hundreds of kilometers – and they don’t wear shoes ! A group of scientists studied the bones of people who lived 2 , 000 years ago . They discovered that these “ old feet” were in better shape than the feet of people living today ! This shows that people had healthier feet before they started wearing shoes . Additional studies show that children’s feet are healthier when they walk barefoot . Their toes grow straight and their feet are stronger . When we walk barefoot , we feel the ground more easily . This gives us better balance . It also makes the blood flow more quickly to our hearts . So , are you thinking of throwing out your sports shoes ? Before you do , read the questions and answers below .  אל הספר