Leanna Archer Fifteen-year-old Leanna Archer is like any ordinary teenager – she goes to school and enjoys music and sport . However , unlike most kids her age , her greatest challenge isn’t finishing her homework – it’s finding the time to run her own company ! Leanna got the idea to start her own business after she received tons of compliments about her thick , dark hair . Her secret was a hair lotion created by her great-grandmother . Leanna realized this hair lotion was so good that other people might want to buy it . At the age of nine , she decided to set up her own company . Today , with profits of over $ 100 , 000 a year , Leanna’s company sells several organic hair and body care products online and in stores and beauty salons . She gives talks about her success and has received many awards for her achievements . In 2008 , Leanna set up a charity * to help poor children in Haiti . She says she wants to show other young people that if you believe in yourself , anything is possib...  אל הספר