After page 37 , exercise E VOCABULARY A Circle the words in the puzzle and write each word next to its meaning . B Match the beginnings of the sentences in A with their endings in B . 1 I want to become 2 She spends a lot of money 3 She has to decide 4 The famous director 5 He looks the same 6 If you want to succeed , 7 She exercises with her trainer 8 It is wrong 9 Will Smith played the part 10 The little boy is scared of 11 He loves weightlifting a what to do with her life b of Muhammad Ali in the movie c you must always try d on clothes e because it makes him feel strong f as his twin brother 1 g a famous singer some day h won an Oscar Award for her movie i to cheat on tests j for six hours a day k monsters and can’t sleep at night  אל הספר