HIGHLIGHT Alternative Edition

מחבר: Marcelle Dray, Lorette Greenberg, Miri Yochanna וNina Vazan
שנת ההוצאה: 2001
מילות מפתח: שפה אנגלית; שפות; אנגלית; לשונות
Highlight Alternative is an integrated course for lower-level fifth-grade classes. It is presented in the form of a magazine and pupils produce their own magazine as they work through the book. Retains all the attractive features that make Highlight a success - Adapted texts appropriate to the level - Confidence-building reading activities - Lighter vocabulary load - Additional reinforcement of vocabulary - Simplified tasks - Instructions in Hebrew and Arabic to encourage independent progress - Approved by the Ministry of Education - אל הספר
נושא/נושאים: , Grade 6
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