We Take Charge Student's Book

מחבר: Batya Elazar וRonit Broder
שנת ההוצאה: תש"ף - 2020
מילות מפתח: שפה אנגלית; שפות; אנגלית; לשונות
We Take Charge is a stimulating 9th grade coursebook based on the popular book TAKE CHARGE. The book meets all the requirements of the 2020 curriculum: a variety of interesting texts, strong emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and recycling, cumulative review sections, structured writing program with models and strategies, strong focus on communicative speaking skills, ICT tasks, authentic literature, and independent reading. אל הספר
נושא/נושאים: , UPP - University Publishing Projects
תוכן הספר:
UPP - University Publishing Projects

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