Linking Lines Revised

מחבר: Haya Arbeitman וAsenath Keinan
שנת ההוצאה: תש"ף - 2020
מילות מפתח: שפה אנגלית; שפות; אנגלית; לשונות
Linking Lines Revised for 5 point high-school students, is thought-provoking and deals with topics and issues that are relevant to students’ lives. Linking Lines prepares students for both the new module E and Module G bagrut exams, and the new COBE oral bagrut. It includes video clips and speaking activities that will enhance and enrich your students’ spoken and written capabilities. An emphasis is put on vocabulary (bands 2 & 3)  and language acquisition, repetition and use, as well as production and expansion. אל הספר
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