Jet 1 Student's Book

מחבר: Michal Melamud וJudi Alexander
שנת ההוצאה: תש"ף - 2020
מילות מפתח: שפה אנגלית; שפות; אנגלית; לשונות
Jet 1 is an innovative new course for the third grade. It meets the requirements of the Pre-foundation (Pre-A1) level of the English Curriculum 2020.
Jet 1 follows a carefully structured phonics reading program, with global teaching of high frequency sight words.
Jet 1 combines the teaching, practicing and recycling of vocabulary and conversational phrases with extensive reading, listening and speaking practice.
Jet 1 includes engaging stories, songs and chants. אל הספר
נושא/נושאים: , Grades 3-4
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