Letter Quest

מחבר: Karin Cohen Bruhim
שנת ההוצאה: תשע"ט - 2018
מילות מפתח: שפה אנגלית; שפות; אנגלית; לשונות
LetterQuest is an engrossing and enjoyable book for elementary school pupils at Pre-Foundation Level.
LetterQuest is a comprehensive program for pupils in their first or second year of English studies, offering extensive learning and practice of both aural-oral language as well as the beginning of the reading and writing process. The book covers all the requirements of the Revised National English Curriculum and has been approved by the Ministry of Education.
LetterQuest takes the pupils on adventures with Lenny and Leroy, twins, in search of their lost words and letters. The pupils join Lenny and Leroy on their search to many different places, including school, the farm, various restaurants and many more. אל הספר
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